Lakes Electrical - For all your current needs in Mount Maunganui

Service and Maintenance

Need an Electrician in Mount Maunganui....we provide a dedicated service and maintenance electrician for call outs and service work of any electrical breakdowns for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. The type of work that we can do but are not limited to includes:
Power supplies, Distribution Boards and sub circuits.
Replacement sockets and switches etc...
 Residual Current Device
Residual Current Device (RCD)  quarterly functional tests and annual tripping current, ramp current and tripping time tests.
RCD installations and upgrades.
(Recommended for protection against electric shock)
PIR Floodlight with tungsten lamp.
General Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting
Flood Lighting including Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour & LED
Sign Lighting
Emergency Exit Light
High Level Access
Emergency Lighting installations and quarterly testing
Calamari Coffee MachineCommercial Catering Equipment
Cafe Express Approved Service Provider
Zennith Hydrotap/Hydroboil  Approved Service Provider
Appliance Testing and Tagging
Water Pumps and control stations
Hot Water Tank Elements
Hot Water Tank Thermostats
Complete drain down and replacement need to call out a plumber.
Water lift pumps (eg pump from lake to tank)
Water circulation pumps (eg pump from tank to house)
Water pressure switches and air tanks
Water flow switches.
Motors with VSD and various field device controls.
Need an electrician in Mount Maunganui - give us a call!